Q: Who do we help?

A: Employees or former employees with regard to “Employment Law” legal matters. Such as:

Discrimination (both by private employers and government employers) based on:


-National Origin




-Sex/Sexual Orientation

Employees or former employees regarding contractual matters. Such as:

-Severance agreements

-Non-compete agreements

-Breach of contract

Q: What is Holistic Law?

A: Holistic law consists of primarily two things: the return to the best of traditional legal practice, including a return to civility; and the use and integration of useful problem-solving approaches from other disciplines. Practicing holistically is bringing back respect, humanity, a sense of interconnectedness, healing, teaching, and service. It also reaches out to other disciplines, like psychology and community problem-solving, and brings these tested problems-solving approaches and techniques into the practice of law.

Q: Do we charge for a consultation?

A: Yes. Our job is to best serve our clients and those that come in our door seeking legal advice. We pride ourselves on tailoring that advice to each client/potential client and to each legal matter. In order to do so, we must charge some fee to maintain that commitment and best serve you. We keep our rates as low as possible and are committed to making the consultation as efficient and effective as we can. With that in mind, we offer our consultations at a reduced hourly rate. Please call for our current consultation fee.  If more time is needed, the rate may vary according to your matter and amount of extra time needed. Many employment attorneys charge for a consultation and, especially as a small firm, we do the same. However, we work to tailor our advice specifically for you and to set up the best path towards resolving your legal matter.

Q: What is our success rate?

A: It is impossible for attorneys to keep exact statistics on the success rate for such variable legal work. However, our clients and potential clients communicate their high level of satisfaction with our work regularly and we pride ourselves on our great reputation within the Memphis legal community.  We constantly receive referrals from many different attorneys, judges, and former clients from around the city.

Q: How long have we been in practice?

A: The owner of the Firm (Maureen T. Holland), has been practicing law for over 30 years. Originally practicing in various legal fields, Ms. Holland now specializes in Employment Law. Ms. Holland began practicing privately in 1995, and has been an owner/operating partner in a firm since 1998. Yvette Kirk has been practicing law for approximatley 7 years. Ms. Kirk is also a partner in the firm.

*All fees are subject to change.